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Salesforce Patient-360 Benefits

Problem Statement

Organizations that understand their consumer’s and patients’ needs and on a regular basis engage them with their preferred medium will definitely have greater long-term loyalty and achieve better health outcomes. Many options exist to create self-service, mobile or digital experiences so your patient needs can align with you. Either provider need access to their correct patient data at the right time and obviously, in the right format or need to get an understanding of what patients are looking for in their personalized care area, these are the major challenges.

What we provide / Solution

Salesforce Patient 360 view has a complete view of a patient from their communication preferences to social determinants along with medical history. With a 360-degree view of a patient, you can have a comprehensive picture of the patient’s data collected from various points along their care journey. It may have both clinical and non-clinical details like:

  • Communication preferences
  • Current health conditions
  • Medications
  • Appointment history
  • Family history
  • Daily activity and lifestyle
  • Social determinants of health

Via 360 view providers are able to access data at any time whenever they required it, patients can have more personalized care, and everyone across the patient’s care team has access to the same data to inform care plans and in many cases improve health outcomes, reduce errors, and save lives.


Typically, a patient’s medical details are spread over many disconnected systems, making it difficult for healthcare providers to deliver accurate, contextualized services. To create a 360-degree view of each patient, providers must do away with close-ended local systems and move their patient databases onto the cloud. This can help them deliver data-backed, smarter care decision-making by:

  • Consolidating patient data from across sources – EMRs, insights from caregivers, wearable devices, etc. – onto a cloud-based platform
  • Equipping patients, providers, caregivers, and partners with access to critical information whenever needed
  • Enabling healthcare teams to collaborate seamlessly from a single point of engagement that offers access to all the patients’ data


Once this ‘single source of patient truth’ is in place, technology can transform healthcare systems for the next normal here are some pinpoints:


  • Hyper-personalized patient care with automation in healthcare
  • Unify the healthcare ecosystem for a consistent and reliable service delivery
  • Enhance the patient’s experience through self-service and real-time access to healthcare

How smart patient management systems translate into a connected patient journey

Smart Patient Management Systems empower healthcare providers to offer connected and hyper-personalized patient journeys. A patient gets complete 24/7 access to healthcare facilities through their preferred channels – mobile apps, WhatsApp, phone calls, websites, or more. So, they can access care without delay.

A healthcare ecosystem consolidating data on a single platform offers a single source of patient truth that allows patients to book tests, book a hospital room, order medicines, fix appointments, access their up-to-date medical history, raise an insurance claim, call for an ambulance, or make payments for any medical services using a single app or portal. No matter which hospital or healthcare provider a patient chooses, the experience and navigation on healthcare apps or portals can be standardized (with the help of APIs). This means patients will experience seamless transitions and connected experiences across service providers and channels of interaction.

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