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What to Expect at Dreamforce 2024: Insights and Predictions

Dreamforce is a major technology conference hosted by Salesforce that draws more than 170,000 attendees to San Francisco for several days in the latter part of each year. The event comprises over 2,700 sessions and workshops, featuring keynote speeches delivered by prominent figures from leading companies.

Salesforce Dreamforce 2024

It has evolved beyond a standard conference, offering a unique experience. Participants include a diverse array of individuals such as administrators, developers, Salesforce consultants, project managers, business analysts, technical architects, customers, companies, Salesforce custom app developers, visionaries, partners, and Salesforce MVPs. Together, they create an exceptional and memorable experience for all involved.

How does Attending Dreamforce benefit you?

Based on a Salesforce survey of 2,537 in-person Dreamforce 2022 attendees:

  • 93% of the attendees claimed that they solved business challenges with something they learned at Dreamforce
  • 93% learned something that helped their businesses save time and money
  • 90% discovered new tools and products to help them better engage and/or connect with customers.

Keynotes for Dreamforce 2024

Dreamforce 2024 dates

Scheduled to take place from September 17-19, 2024, in San Francisco, Dreamforce might include both in-person and digital experiences through the Salesforce+ video streaming platform. The traditional Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco typically serves as the central venue.

Pricing and Registration

Ticket prices for Dreamforce 2024, such as ‘early bird,’ standard, and last-chance offers, are expected to be similar to the dreamforce 2023. The full conference pass will grant access to keynotes, sessions, workshops, networking events, and more.

Agenda and Speakers

While the main theme for Dreamforce 2024 is yet to be confirmed, past events have focused on topics like AI, data, CRM, and innovation. The event attracts high-profile speakers, with previous lineups featuring leaders from various industries and domains.

Venue Highlights and Exhibition

Dreamforce’s location usually incorporates diverse zones catering to different interests, such as Admin Zone, Dev Zone, Partner Expo, and DreamPark. The expo hosts over 400 Salesforce partners showcasing their solutions and apps.

Accommodation Options

Attendees have access to discounted hotel rates through Salesforce contracts. It is advisable to book accommodations early due to high demand. Alternative options like Airbnb, hostels, and the use of the BART train system for cost-effective commuting are available.

Why Attend Salesforce Dreamforce 2024 – What You Gain:

Learning Opportunities:

Discover the latest products, gain inspiration, and explore the future of technology through hands-on experiences. Dreamforce offers a myriad of demos, solutions, and insights from experts, ensuring an ongoing learning experience.

Networking and Connection:

Engage with fellow trailblazers and seize unlimited networking opportunities. This event is the perfect environment to meet new people, foster career growth, and draw inspiration. Even a casual lunch with someone could potentially transform your career path.

Philanthropic Engagement:

Charity and social impact are integral to Dreamforce each year. By participating in Dreamforce, you contribute to making the world more equitable. Salesforce has raised substantial amounts, over $83 million, supporting various communities. For instance, past initiatives include donations addressing economic, hunger, health, climate, and racial inequality crises, aiding small businesses, and supporting organizations tackling hunger and environmental issues.

Celebration at Dreamfest:

The celebration is incomplete without a party! Dreamforce is known for its week-long festivities and lively parties all over the town, with Dreamfest being a highlight. Previous years showcased performances by renowned artists like Metallica, U2, Bruno Mars, Alicia Keys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Foo Fighters. Moreover, all proceeds from Dreamfest contribute to the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals.

Return on Investment (ROI):

Past attendees have reported substantial gains in various aspects, such as a 20% increase in sales productivity, customer retention, marketing lead volume, win rates, and deal sizes. Convincing your company to sponsor your attendance at numerous Dreamforce 2024 sessions? Utilize Salesforce’s prepared draft email to articulate the potential value and benefits to your employer.

Tips for Navigating Dreamforce 2024:

Packing Tips:

Smartphone Essentials: Equip your phone with vital apps like the Salesforce Events app, Twitter, Maps, Taxi services, Payment options, and document-related applications. Ensure ample storage for capturing memories.
Multi-port USB Charger: Carry a charger for multiple devices along with additional cables and laptop chargers.
Business Cards: Bring an abundance of business cards for networking.
Comfortable Footwear: As the event spans multiple venues, opt for comfortable walking shoes.
Business Casual Attire: Stick to a business casual dress code without being too formal or too casual.
Warm Attire and Umbrella: San Francisco in late September can be chilly and rainy.
Backpack: Salesforce usually provides a small backpack on the first day, ideal for carrying essentials and swag.
Printed Schedule, Pen, and Notebook: Ensure you have non-digital options for scheduling and note-taking, as your mobile might die.
Hydration and Snacks: Keep yourself hydrated and energized with grab-and-go snacks, especially if you’re attending sessions back-to-back.
Enthusiasm: The most essential accessory to carry!

Travel Tips:

Public Transit: If staying outside the city, use the BART subway for commuting to and from Moscone.
Late-Night Events: Attend after-hours parties, particularly those hosted by partners, for networking opportunities.
Exploration: Plan city tours for weekends before or after Dreamforce; reserve event days for Dreamforce itself.
Bike Tours: Consider joining bike tours to iconic San Francisco spots with fellow Dreamforce attendees.
Extra Luggage: Bring an additional empty suitcase for the swag you’ll collect.

Preparation for Virtual Experience:

Mindset: Approach the virtual event with the same enthusiasm and planning as an in-person one. Engage in sessions and use online tools for networking.
Distraction Management: Choose a quiet space and minimize notifications for an immersive experience.
Technology Check: Ensure your internet connection is stable and have backup options ready if needed.
Smartphone Setup: Similar to the in-person guide, equip your phone with essential apps for a smooth online experience.
Chargers and Cables: Prepare all necessary charging equipment for seamless device connectivity.
Business Casual Attire: Dress professionally for potential online interactions.
Printed Schedule, Pen, and Notebook: Have these traditional tools on hand in case of technical issues.
Virtual Background (if applicable): Utilize this feature for any online meetings to showcase your Salesforce certifications.
Snacks and Water: Keep refreshments nearby to avoid missing essential segments due to breaks.
Enthusiasm is Key: Even in a virtual setting, enthusiasm matters.

Session Booking Tips:

Balanced Booking: Distribute sessions throughout each day and over the event duration.
Avoid Overbooking: Don’t exhaust yourself on the first day, as excitement might lead to fatigue.
Venue Distance Awareness: Check session locations’ distances to plan travel time between venues.
Keynote Queues: Opening keynote queues start early, so avoid booking sessions during that period.
Early Registration: Register early and be present 15-20 minutes before popular sessions to secure a spot. Avoid back-to-back bookings for these sessions due to potential overbooking.

Plan Your Dreamforce Experience

Dreamforce is exciting and daunting at the same time. Without proper planning, it would be a messy ride. Plan well, register for the sessions, and plan your meetings well ahead pacing them out properly, making new friends, and having fun. Best of luck at the Dreamforce 2024!

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