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Overhaul your institution with cloud-based or on-site solutions that fit your needs including Salesforce Education Cloud and other offerings.

Salesforce Advisory Services

Tailored Solutions for Salesforce in Education Sector

Cloud Consultings Inc. (CCI) specializes in delivering top-tier cloud services geared specifically towards the education industry. We have experience leveraging our managed services, implementation services, and app development services to address vital needs within educational institutions.

Most notably, our expertise lies in custom app development, crafting proprietary university or educational applications that are optimized precisely for the unique needs of each institution.

Tailored Solutions for Salesforce in Education Sector

One of our standout strengths is our prowess in custom education software development. CCI is adept at constructing specialized applications for universities and educational facilities. Our focus is on building in-house tools tailored to their exact specifications, empowering educational institutions from end-to-end with optimized and proprietary solutions.

Relevant Certifications and Education Cloud Expertise

Wondering about our industry-specific expertise? CCI holds relevant certifications in Salesforce Education Cloud, enabling us to meet the unique demands of the education sector. This proficiency allows us to provide solutions aligned with industry standards and tailored to the specific needs of educational institutions everywhere.

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Digitizing Processes and Comprehensive Solutions

With the endless amounts of data involved in the education sector, the importance of digitization cannot be overstated. That’s why our solutions and team focus on streamlining operations, processing tasks more efficiently while eliminating manual roadblocks, and digitizing various educational processes that allow your institution to thrive.

Our primary focus is workflow optimization, enhanced efficiency, and an excellent user experience within institutions through leveraging education-focused software solutions.

End-to-End Solutions for Education

CCI’s expertise extends beyond front-end applications. We offer comprehensive 24/7 ongoing support making us an end-to-end solution provider for educational institutions.

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