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Salesforce CPQ Consulting

We provide top-tier Salesforce CPQ Consulting services. Our certified experts understand the complexities of quoting, and we’re ready to improve your processes

Salesforce Advisory Services

Over 100+ Projects Completed – Exceptional Results

At CCI, our advisory services will dive deep into your organization’s goals, challenges, and processes to ensure inefficiency is replaced by self-sufficiency.

Salesforce CPQ consultants making your life better

At CCI, we understand your challenges, and as Salesforce CPQ consultants, we are dedicated to helping you overcome them. Complex quoting shouldn’t hinder your growth. We’ve empowered numerous businesses in your situation and are eager to assist you. Our clients trust us for a reason, and we’re committed to addressing your concerns and objections, ensuring a seamless partnership.

Make the most of Salesforce
CPQ Consulting

When your Salesforce CPQ is properly implemented, configured, and running seamlessly, it becomes a valuable asset for your business. However, to fully unlock its potential, you may require the expertise of a Salesforce consulting partner who can bridge any gaps, solve complex issues, design advanced solutions, and enhance your team’s proficiency in Salesforce

Full-Scale Implementation
If you're new to CPQ, we will introduce and tailor your CPQ instance to align perfectly with your unique quoting requirements and business processes.
Audit and Health Assessment
Already have Salesforce CPQ but not getting the results you need? Our health check will pinpoint any concerns or issues and collaborate with your team to resolve them effectively.
Technical Assistance
Outsource your Salesforce CPQ services to us, and we will handle any issues or requests promptly, ensuring your Salesforce capabilities are always at their best, whether on a short-term or long-term basis.
Custom Development
Sometimes, your business demands more than what standard Salesforce features or pre-built apps can offer. If a custom app is the solution, we have the expertise to build it for you.

What You’ll Get

Our goal is to make your life easier and your business more successful. With our services, you can expect

Streamlined Quoting

Say goodbye to time-consuming quoting processes. We simplify it for you.

Increased Sales

Our solutions, led by our Salesforce CPQ specialists, are strategically crafted to skyrocket your sales, propelling you to new heights.

Enhanced Efficiency

Efficiency is pivotal to your success. With our Salesforce CPQ consulting, we ensure your business operates smoothly and seamlessly.

Why CCI as Your Trusted Salesforce CPQ Specialist?

Salesforce Ridge Partners

We’re not just any consulting firm; we’re Salesforce Ridge Partners. This means we have unparalleled expertise in Salesforce CPQ. Count on our Salesforce CPQ consultants for the guidance you need.

Global Reach, Local Care

Our global presence ensures that we can serve you wherever you are. No matter your location, we’re here to offer top-notch Salesforce CPQ solutions with a personal touch.

Cost-Effective Solutions That Maximize ROI

We understand that budgets matter. That’s why we’ve crafted cost-effective Salesforce CPQ solutions, led by our Salesforce CPQ specialists to maximize your return on investment.

Your Success, Our Priority

At CCI, your success is our ultimate goal. With our Salesforce CPQ expertise, we’re here to make your journey to success smooth and efficient.

Trusted Delivery with Leading Experts

We exceed our clients’ expectations because we address their systems’ modernization needs but also solve the underlying roadblocks hindering real innovation. 

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