Case Study

School System Reduces Processing 50%, Enhances Student Experience

Virginia-based school districts working with highly mobile populations are fast growing and have a diverse array of needs. This dynamic landscape creates a demand for services that frequently change, sometimes even on a weekly basis. The school implemented Salesforce hoping it would help manage workflow, improve data collection, and streamline the reporting process. However, the school’s Salesforce architecture needed to be heavily adapted, requiring technical skills that fell outside of their capacity. The school partnered with CCI to provide the technical and strategic expertise needed to customize Salesforce. The task was to keep the university up-to-date with clients’ evolving service requirements. Since the school did not have any developers on staff, the solution also needed to be simple enough to maintain on their own with minimal coding.


Overall process time reduction by 50% and improved student experience with access to a required data.

Client's Feedback

CCI team helped us reduce the customer response time and improved the overall experience. Their team was very professional and 

Mary Jane

Project Lead,  CRCS Courier

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