Case Study

Patient data records via health cloud

A primary care clinic’s former way of relaying patient health
documents to their patients slowly became outdated, utilizing valuable time for both parties and making the document releasing process tedious. These issues ultimately led to the need for health cloud services services.

Patient data CRM services
In their earlier days, a local primary care clinic would run required tests on patients during their appointment and would have their results ready between 2 to 4 business days. Once their documents were ready, the patients were required to return to the clinic to retrieve their paperwork. Not only was this process an annoyance for patients, but it required the clinic to utilize much of their storage space and time for patient documentation, resulting in redundant documents and tedious tasks. Due to consistent patient complaints and a poor document management structure, the clinic secured the health cloud services of Cloud Consultings, Inc. (CCI)
With the help of CCI’s health cloud services, the clinic was able to move all physical documentation to a web-based platform, making it easier for employees to upload and store patient information. The provided health cloud services also gave patients the convenience to access their information quickly and from the comfort of their personal devices.
Salesforce health Cloud


Through the use of CCI’s health cloud services, the clinic was able to modernize their document management structure, enhance patient convenience and restore time management within the clinic.

Client's Feedback

CCI team helped us reduce the customer response time and improved the overall experience. Their team was very professional and 

Mary Jane

Project Lead,  CRCS Courier

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