Case Study

ABB Builds Durable Customer Relationships With Salesforce CPQ

ABB vehicles were a familiar site parked near top tech firms in Silicon Valley and beyond. Now those vehicles read ABB, a big change come over that point to a profound shift in how this enterprise company does business in over 60 countries. The company was established leader in the data storage industry and mainframe, anyhow a few years ago the industry shifted and its product started to become commodities. To stay competitive, ABB needed to pivot to a relationship-based business model but its system and procedures were not built for the complexity of recurring revenue. The company required a trusted partner to help recast the business. We had to change quickly because the pace of commoditization was ramping up.
Salesforce facilitates the shift from physical Solutions to managed Solutions
There are many companies that have tried to achieve this type of digital modification. In a study, 55%of business executives surveyed estimated that in five years 40% or more of their revenue will come from recurring revenue streams. But ABB is making this evolution at the enterprise level of ranking and intricacy. The company operates in 60 countries selling hardware, software, and services in ever-shifting combinations to 10,000 brands, including 80% of the Fortune Global 100. To do so required a system capable of quoting large solutions with hundreds of line items, multiple revenue models, and contract renewals. But that was just one piece of the mystery; ABB also required bonded customer experience to make its new business model come to life.

The future is radiant, with the right platform

In 2022, ABB partnered with Salesforce to tackle on a two-year digital transformation from a linear products-based business to one founded on customer partnership. To succeed in this goal of project Mirai, the Japanese word for future, ABB uses multiple Salesforce Cloud to create a digitally connected lead-to-revenue process around a 360-degree view of its customer.

Bust silos to build an improved customer experience

But standing in the way of this vision were data silos built up from years of acquisitions and system building. ABB took down those silos to build a new and improved customer experience by transitioning from its on-premise CRM system to a sales cloud and service cloud,. Streamlined renewable- powered by salesforce CPQ – are a paramount part of the new recurring-revenue business model.

Experience refreshingly easy renewals

Account managers had to manually darn together every renewal quote by painstakingly searching different data silos before Salesforce CPQ, Now, they have a complete view of all the assets owned by an account and can easily create large, complex renewal quotes, often over, 1500 lines. Because of this reinvented renewal process, account sales and services reps have the time and information to meet customer needs proactively.

Having a single view of our customer’s assets in a single place, in a single platform that is well-defined architecturally, has helped us significantly. And CCI will keep improving on it.’’

Client's Feedback

CCI team helped us reduce the customer response time and improved the overall experience. Their team was very professional and 

Mary Jane

Project Lead,  CRCS Courier

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