Case Study

Improved Service And Decisions With Einstein Analytics

Real-time order tracking and reporting issues


Customers of a courier service company were experiencing analytics problems with their real-time order tracking and reporting. The engaged the services of CCI’s experts to address: 


Our Situation

CCI (Cloud Consultings) implemented Salesforce Einstein Analytics (formerly named Wave Analytics) in the courier company’s Salesforce instance. Einstein Analytics is another great Salesforce product in a cloud-based platform. 

Proposed Solution

Connection: CCI created a new connection with other databases and set up the mapping of Salesforce objects. 

Data sets: To solve for disparate data sets, we created new datasets in the Einstein Analytics studio to route and aggregate all data in one place. 

Data flow: We created new dataflows and set up sync jobs to ensure data flowed into the right locations. 

Lenses: By overlaying a new lens on the data sets, we enabled the courier to answer questions for different business leaders and departments for SLA analytics, agent performance and channel-related data. 

Dashboards:  Our team created new dashboards with real-time analytics and SLA lenses for daily, weekly and monthly insights by agent and location. 

Analytics Applications:  CCI’s experts created unlimited customizable analytical applications to surface the data for insights needed to make better business decisions. The applications included analytics by channel, SLA and escalations among others. 

The results from CCI’s consulting advisory, Einstein Analytics and developer work included: 

How can Einstein Analytics help?

Einstein Analytics is a secure and scalable cloud-based platform used to explore, visualize it, and generate business insights from data sets. It provides the flexibility needed by organizations to meet ever-evolving business needs. By offering real-time order tracking, clients will have more control over their time and will be enabled to make wiser decisions. 

Client's Feedback

“Before CCI’s experts engage with a project, we determine project scope and get client agreement for any known and unknown findings. For the courier, the scope included evaluation of the courier company’s connection, data sets, data flow, lenses, dashboards, and analytics applications. Our team analyzed the client’s current systems and various data sources; checked their shipping process; and evaluated the tracking system from current spreadsheets and databases. Project scope also included importing and verifying the existing Salesforce data to get a holistic view of the courier’s analytical challenges and future needs from any data or knowledge gaps prior to beginning the project.”

Paul Lopez

Vice President of Business Development CCI