Case Study

B2C Pet Shop App Recaptures Market Share by Creating Online Marketplace

A painful experience for the company and the pet owners.
A pet store experienced competition from branded e-commerce sites that featured targeted search and brand-specific product availability. While the store’s sales were impacted so too were the pet owners whom found it difficult to locate specific pet supplies.

A case for centralization

E-commerce provides an easy way to sell products to a large online customer base, however, shoppers expect to find the products they are looking for quickly and easily. Alternatively, customers are not always sure about the brands or actual products they want to purchase. Although most pet brands have an online store, pet owners would need to visit various sites and recall their favored brand name prior to making a purchase. Pet owners needed a one-stop shop for pet supplies.

CCI’s recommendations:

  1. Advisory services to scope project.
  2. Salesforce Commerce Cloud.
  3. Implementation services

Solution implemented

  • Integration of branded sites into the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform, providing customers with a digital store offering a wide selection of products, brands, and other pet-related items.
  • Storage of pet categories in the catalog object configured pet demographics including age, color, and other properties.
  • Aligned categories and bundles to pet and owner demographics, customer search capabilities, and online store display results
  • Differentiated pet buyer groups associated with specific categories and pets’ agewise discounted prices.

The challenge

Could this pet shop offer provide a better customer shopping experience? What impact would this have on the physical and online presence?

Why CCI recommended the Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Few competitors in the eCommerce industry can challenge the power and prestige of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud. It is extensive enough to give the development community unprecedented control over creating a web store but also has multiple features that competitive solutions do not have. These include shopping carts as well as multi-store, channel, and inventory management. As a bonus, once the SaaS platform is implemented, the development community won’t need to maintain its infrastructure.


A new, go-to place for pet owners

The new online pet supply super center allowed owners to source the best services for their pets while sitting comfortably in their homes or office. In the future, pet owners can count on:

  1. A centralized pet marketplace including all products and solutions regardless of brand
  2. Efficient and effective online product search
  3. Ability to review and evaluate products objectively
  4. Centralized art checkout interface with third-party tax, shipping, and payment providers
  5. Access to brand and product savings for promotions on products

A win for companies selling branded pet supplies

  • Optimized conversion funnel by reducing abandoned carts with proven best practices
  • Leveraged social extensions by merging digital commerce with social media channels
  • Extension of digital commerce into the store by enabling mobile access to digital inventory
  • Easier ordering and payments drive customer value and loyalty with seamless interactions
  • Empowered customer service teams to accelerate phone orders and check out
  • Management of the complete customer lifecycle, including historical purchases
  • Improved searches with “type ahead” guidance, reducing abandoned searches (via Einstein)
  • Boosted conversions with intelligent search results from Einstein Predictive Sort
  • Unified products, pricing, and catalogs to simplify merchandising with a centralized view
  • Augmented organic traffic, increasing page rank, building traffic, and optimizing SEO


Increased net sales by 35%* and sales efficiency by 60%** quarter over quarter from e-commerce website launch.

*The new pet marketplace app increases net sales by 35% within the first two quarters.

**The new pet marketplace app increases sales efficiency by 60% quarter over quarter.

Client's Feedback

CCI team helped us reduce the customer response time and improved the overall experience. Their team was very professional and 

Mary Jane

Project Lead,  CRCS Courier

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