OEM Integrates Data Across Systems to Automate NPS Report


Inaccurate reporting

An OEM organization was using their own complaint management systems, some home grown, some on-prem Contact Management and Omni-channel specific. This created an enormous challenge for an OEM to provide one common view of the customers’ Net Promoter Score (NPS). There was no way to analyze data, run reports without avoiding the endless manual data manipulation. The leadership and teams could not trust the resulting NPS score. Several hundreds of hours were spent each month to deliver the reports.

The business need was to implement a common case management system that could deliver the reports without human intervention.

Global OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) with over 1300 companies within the group.

“This has been the best investment we have made in a decade. Not only that we have reduced the headcount through the introduction of Salesforce system but have also enabled all our business leaders to be able manage their business independently. CCi delivered the solution on time and them standby to ensure the new case management system continues to run seamlessly. I recommend CCi to anyone looking for Salesforce related challenges to be remediated with high quality, customer satisfaction and within low budget”

– Gunther Lustig Vice President Information Systems

We take every challenge as our very own

  • Interviewed business leaders to understand overall vision and success criteria. Then conducted deeps assessment of various tools used and created an inventory listing number of licenses, costs, pros, and cons.
  • Interviewed key stakeholders and discovery workshops to identify critical functionalities and delighters.
  • Developed a custom case management solution on the Salesforce platform.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities.
  • Data interoperability, sharing and migration.
  • System training.
  • Implemented a feedback solution from overall user’s experience perspective.

Net Impact

Overall cost reduction more than 30% (Systems, Resources) NPS improvement after 2 quarters more than 30%.