Lead Generation Solved for a Fortune 500 Multinational

Multinational Increases Lead Generation 60% by Addressing Branding and Technical Issues with the Help of CCI

The Problem

A large Fortune 50 company grew via acquisition and organic growth but focused more on lead generation versus demand generation. As a result, the global marketing lead was tasked with remedying a diluted corporate brand stemming from distinct promotional campaigns and brand messages per solution, region, and channel.
The team came to the CCI team looking to reverse the commoditization trend and eliminate the “sea of sameness” in their messaging while ensuring a strong global brand.

CCI’s Perspective

Cloud Consultings’ experts understood the distinction between both lead and demand generation as well as how the two overlap. The challenge the marketing team faced was their internal team’s understanding of their audience per region, which the marketing lead generation teams used to rationalize distinct messaging per region. There was no “one size fits all” approach, and the company’s brand recognition was eroding.

The Task

The company’s lead generation process began to be less effective. The CMO was tasked to create one global unified marketing strategy (for demand + lead generation) to streamline marketing messaging for customers, which could be used across regions. Then, using corporate branding as the overall message, the company would be able to apply it to different channels across the regions.

CCI’s Three-Part Technical and Creative Solution

  1. Technical Solution: CCI proposed implementing the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to connect discrete interactions from any channel on the customer’s terms. It would connect customer data with their behaviors in real-time, thus creating more intelligent communications and interactions.
  2. Demand Generation Task: CCI’s team recognized that without core, differentiated messaging that resonated with the target audience, the client’s commoditization concerns would not be addressed. The team performed the following for the client:
    • Developed the core messaging for the client’s brand.
    • Drafted and finalized the creative to support it.
    • Created a branded marketing strategy to enforce it across the regions for demand generation.
  3. Lead Generation Task: Next, we worked on more detailed messaging for each of the channels, ensuring consistent messaging that aligned with target audiences and personas across all marketing communications and platforms. Finally, CCI set up the automation, measurement, and reporting capabilities for the company. It was the simplest and most effective way to acquire the right lead for this business.

Tangible Results

Over time, the clients’ marketing teams could respond to and anticipate their customer needs at a record level. Those interactions, enabled by the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, allowed for personalized, 1-to-1 communications that moved the customer along in their unique journey. This solved not only the demand but the lead generation issues at the organization.

Below are how the technical components can be utilized across a project:

  • CloudPages using Smart Capture allows for the creation of new smart capture cloud pages. The Smart Capture block is the (almost) perfect feature for easily building out a form inside Marketing Cloud for capturing lead/prospect data.
  • Setup Social Studio extends the social experience to ensure messaging consistent, one-stop solution from where the extended marketing team can run, schedule, create and track posts organized by regions, products, brands, or multiple teams across the globe.
  • Create Journey Builder provided the capability of creating new journeys for customer engagement, including goal and exit criteria to capture lead data.
  • Einstein Engagement was set up for Email Engagement Prediction, Subscriber Retention Prediction, Email Open Prediction, Email Click Prediction, and Web Conversion Prediction.
  • Marketing Insight used the tracking email studio setup marketing report for email tracking like open rate, conversion rate, and bounced rate to enhance deliverability.
  • Connect sales cloud to marketing cloud was utilized for a better sales experience to connect the sales cloud with the marketing cloud to update lead, contact, and campaign data.
  • New Automations were established for file drop activities from various sources and to update data in the Salesforce sales cloud.

Net Impact

The lead generation acquired rate increased to 60%.
Customer engagement across all channels is better than ever before.