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We exceed our clients' expectations because we address their systems' modernization needs but also solve for the underlying roadblocks hindering real innovation. That means visibility across systems and solutions tailored for your business.

Whether you're leveraging our technical know-how, increasing your team's productivity or simply reducing your IT requirements, you can trust our certified experts and service standards. CCI's team of technological wizards provide both direct clients and end partners with the edge to fortify the IT environment and drive future business growth.

Field Service Lightning Cloud Case Studies

Learn how our clients have optimized their field service teams with consulting services and Salesforce.

Solving Logistical Challenges from Aging System

A home appliances company’s logistical challenges from an aging system were inefficient resource allocation, extra work from technicians-to-store managers, and more.

Workforce Management Goes Real-time with FSL Consulting

A food service giant experienced workforce management issues that were accelerated by the pandemic such as field service scheduling and more. Learn more.

Courier Increases Productivity and Case Accuracy

A courier relied upon managing daily tasks to ensure customer service, but the company’s processes and systems were cumbersome, causing poor experiences.

Salesforce CRM Cloud Case Studies

Learn how our clients have optimized CRM with consulting services and Salesforce.

Solving Lead Generation for a Fortune 500 Multinational

A multinational company grew but focused more on lead versus demand generation. The global marketing lead was tasked with remedying a diluted brand.

Learn how CCI helped.

Salesforce System Performance Improves 30%

A North American energy provider’s processes resulted in complicated sales and customer management, prioritizing an existing platform restructure and development.

Learn how CCI helped.

Existing Versus New Salesforce Instance?

The CRM tipping point – when technology features become difficult to add functionality due to over-configuration.  It reaches its maximum and needs to be redone.

Learn more.

Salesforce Education Cloud Case Studies

Learn how we have helped our clients in the Education space with consulting services – from Salesforce to Drupal.

Redesigned Mobile Experience Using Drupal

Stanford’s GSB team relies on the website to connect with alumni, donors and applicants. This core digital asset ran on an outdated version of Drupal 7 . . .

causing complex management and user experiences.

School Reduces New Student Process 50%

Virginia-based school districts working with highly mobile populations grow fast and have a diverse array of needs.

This dynamic landscape created a demand for services that frequently changed.

Salesforce CPQ Case Studies

Learn how our clients have optimized CPQ with consulting services and Salesforce.

Automating the end-to-end CPQ Quote Process

An out-of-the-box software system failed to meet the growing business requirements,

It caused incorrect selection of product groupings. It impacted customers’ and staff’s experiences.

Build Durable Customer Relationships with CPQ

ABB, established leader in data storage, was experiencing product commoditization. The company needed a relationship-based business model to be competitive.

Learn more.

Google Analytics Salesforce Integration

ABB PG uses Google Analytics to collect large amounts of behavioral data from website. User data by page views, content clicks, and more was difficult to aggregate manually.

Learn more.

Salesforce Health Cloud Case Studies

Learn how our clients have optimized the Salesforce Health Cloud with consulting services.

Salesforce Patient-360 Benefits

A patient’s medical details spread over many disconnected systems make it difficult for healthcare providers to deliver services.


Learn what’s possible with modernized, digital systems enabled by our team of experts.

App Increases Store's Sales 35%

A pet store competed with branded e-commerce sites containing targeted search. Recurring revenue and customers were impacted.


Learn what’s possible with modernized, digital systems enabled by our team of experts.

Why CCI Manages Salesforce

The COVID-19 pandemic caused severe staffing challenges to a Midwest-based healthcare network. Salesforce needed optimized.


Learn what’s possible with modernized, digital systems enabled by our team of experts.

CCI's Managed Services Case Studies

Learn how we're keeping our clients up-to-date with managed services.

Global OEM's New Reports Show Accurate NPS

CCI’s client (an OEM) was facing an enormous challenge to provide one common view of the Net Promoter Score (NPS).

They had no way to analyze data or run reports without manual data manipulation.

Better Reporting and Service with Einstein

CCI’s client (a courier) was facing reporting challenges  for leaders due to disparate data across the organization.

Customer service was suffering as a result. Leaders wanted answers quickly.

Financial Services Case Studies

Learn how our clients have optimized the Financial Cloud with consulting services.

90% advisor engagement with new, one-stop shop

While Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) Wealth Management was successful, the financial firm was near the bottom of industry for technological tools.

They understood the benefit of digital technology.