Field Service Lightning


Field Service Lightning

A home appliances company struggled with logistical challenges. These were causing inefficient resource allocation to jobs, stemming from an aging scheduling system. Their team of technicians, support admins and store managers had to put extra effort in maintain their assigned tasks and orders on a day-to-day basis. This manual dependency negatively impacted the overall productivity and cost of business operations. CCI was asked to perform the analysis and present the proposal. CCI provided three options and FSL implementation was selected.

Our Solution

Our Salesforce Field Service Lightening (FLS) implemented the FSL mirroring the specific uses cases for all users in one release. The helped improve SLAs, communication with the clients and increased productivity and employee satisfaction. One of the key features enabled field staff to be able to continue with the workflow seamlessly with the real time mobile access which resulted in reducing work backlog by 50% within a short span of time. Several additional enhancements have been enabled by CCI which continues to further improve efficiency and cost reduction.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduced in-person visits by providing virtual support in the form remote assistance.
  • Prioritized essential projects and intelligently assign jobs, from anywhere.
    • Leveraged automation to prioritize essential jobs — and saved employees time — by intelligently work assignment rules – routing tasks correctly based on skills, location, and business policies.
  • Enabled data-driven decisions.
    • Used Field Service Analytics and allowed managers and dispatchers easy, real-time visibility into operational performance and KPIs, from any location.
  • Other benefits
  • FSL capabilities enabled greater efficiency, accuracy, and monitoring for agent dispatching. Access to real time data and improved reporting contributed to significant reduction of cost and helped seamless remediation of audits.