Energy Company’s SFDC System Improves Performance by 30%

Problem Statement

A North American energy provider’s processes resulted in complicated sales and customer management. The company would need to restructure their sales and CRM platform to re-establish a sound foundation. Once in place, they then could streamline sales and related processes to restore the company’s once high level of efficacy.

Project requirements included:

  • Restructure of the Salesforce Sales platform
  • Restructure of Customer platform
  • Revised sales and all related processes
  • Custom solution development for handling customer accounts and sales opportunities
  • Salesforce system integration with Google Drive

Our Solution


CCI (Cloud Consultings) recommended a customized solution to implement the Salesforce Sales Cloud. Our experts configured standard capabilities with some custom solutions. Lead and Account Management, Contact Management and Opportunity Management. The solution also included the following.  

Validation rules to restrict modifications to Account/Opportunities – We Introduced validation rules to ensure the Opportunity stage cannot be modified with insufficient data. 

Documents upload features on Opportunities and Assets – Our experts modified the layouts of Opportunity and Asset details pages to enable documents upload directly to these pages.  

Integration with Google Drive – We ensured seamless integration of the client’s Salesforce system with Google Drive, allowing the client to upload files into the file sharing system directly from Salesforce.  


  • 360° view of all accounts, leads and opportunities
  • Improved system performance by 30%
  • Improvement in lead conversion rates
  • Increase in sales revenue